Camp near Nashville, Tennessee

March 28th, 1864

Dear Father,

I wrote to you last while at Louisville, but have never received a letter from home. I wish you would write sometimes, it does a fellow good to receive a letter. I have not received a letter since I left Camp Lindsey from anybody. We left Louisville last Friday evening at six o’clock, and arrived at Nashville last Sunday morning at 3 o’clock. We were just 33 hours running 185 miles. We are using the shelter tent, they are made for two persons, but John Matson and I and John Williams and Bob Williamson and John Goddard and Emit Goddard have spliced our tents and bunk together. I like the place very well, much better than Louisville, but we will hardly remain here very long. We are under command of Gen Hovey and he is not the man to remain inactive very long. In giving the name of the Colonel of our regt., I mistated it, it is Mcquiston instead of Mchiston.

My health is excellent, I was around the outskirts of the city taking a view of the fortifications. The City is very strongly fortified. There are a number of new Indiana regts here, they are encamped around the City, every place wherever the ground is favorable for a camp. Several regts have arrived and encamped near us yesterday and today. We are having a splendid times here, but I want to go to the front as soon as possible. I like soldiering not only as well as I ever thought I would, but much better. It seems to agree with me in every respect. We are a gay set, Father I wish when you write, you would send me some postage stamps, as I am out entirely, and have no money to get any with.

Give my love to all the family, tell Pres I would like for him to write to me.

Please write soon.

Your affectionate son,

John R. Miller

(to his father)


John R Miller

Company “F”, 123rd Regt. Ind. Vol.

Nashville, Tennessee

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