Nashville Tennessee
Gen’l Hospital No 13

Sept 27th 1863.

Dear Sister Harriet

As I have a few moments leisure this pleasant Sunday evening I will try to improve them by writing you a few lines. although I have nothing of any importance to write. I am here at Hospital 13 on duty as Commissary Serg’t and now as all the Hospitals are filled up with wounded and we have a large Hospital I have a great deal to do. Our Hospital is capable of holding between five and six hundred and I have charge of drawing and issuing all the rations, liquors, fuel so you can judge for yourself whether I am busy or not. but I have got an Asst now So that helps me a great deal but there is one thing that I am quite certain of and that is that I am doing more good here than I could in the field, although if I were ordered to the field I would go withut saying one word for I have always obeyed orders since I have been a Soldier and intend to but there is another very evident fact that is that these sick and wounded Soldiers (or Uncle Sams Children) must be taken care of and anything in my power to help them they will get. I can assure you that the Soldiers that are in Nashville in hopsitals are getting extraordinary good care taken of them(as they deserve) tonite we send alot of boys to Louisville KY those that are slightly wounded in the late battle in Northern GA for the purpose of making room for those that are daily arriving from the front that are worse off than these. I have talked with a number of the boys that have come in from the late field of action, they were all in good spirits and confident of the success of our brave Army of the Cumberland. In my opinion the ? Copperheads and the Southern Traitors will have to wait awhile longer before they have a chance to boast or crow over the success of the Rebels for they have not made anything in this last battle for our Army under “Old Rosy” have held their ground against greatly superior numbers. I saw George day before yesterday, he was with the Mr. Hoss, he was looking very well with the acception of his eyes, they continue to be bad. I rather guess worse than common. I have received two packages of papers from you written a few days for which I am much obliged for they looked so much like former better days. I sent you a Nashville Weekly Union a few days ago, which contained a short piece about me and my Asst perhaps you noticed it. I marked around it, but it did not come out to any particular sum. It was intended as a joke on us but rather fell through itself the cause of it was we had an invitation to call and see the ladies of the other building(one of which is a Mich lady) and because we accepted the invitation and some of the others did not get invited they were jealous and tried to be smart. but instead of accomplishing it, they made more enemies than friends in the operation ? is not going to require me in the least, anyway that is what the Surgeons of this Institution told me. I have been a little unwell for the past two days with a sore throat but am better tonite and do not apprehend any further trouble. I was out to see George last Sunday one week ago today, he has a first rate place with one exception that is he has to sleep in a tent which I should not like, although he has a very nice one, far superior to anything he could have in camp, still it is a tent and is not a house. the weather here has been quite changeable for the past ten or fifteen days, but it is now quite cool, which it makes it favorable for the wounded. I have not heard from Spring Arbor in so long that I begin to think the Follks have forgotten me, for my part I should really like to correspond with some “fair celestial” from that part of our beloved “America”but I do not expect any good luck as that for I have about made up my mind that they all got “Sweet Hearts” in the army or somwhere else for I shall not look for anything of the kind. I guess I have written enough of this nonsense, but no one but Home Folks will ever see it, I shall not care so much. I must write something you know and as I am one of Uncle Sams Gay and Festive Children it may as well be nonsense, as any other sense, or amy other man. Company H 1st Mich. Engers. & Mechs. were all usually well when last heard from. It is now bedtime and I have to be up in the  morning I will be under the painful necessity of closing hoping you and all the rest of the folks are well. please give my best wishes to Mary, Mr. Ward and Mrs. Ward and the young ladies, Mrs White, Mrs Haddock and all the rest of the folks. If any of them think enough of me to ask of me. I am looking over this letter I notice considerable bad spelling and some mistakes, but you must make due allowance for me as you know that I am young and “unsophisticated” but as you are pretty well posted, perhaps by a choice? you will be able to make it out, part of it suffice it to say that it all means well anyway, no more tonite, only write when convenient. I remainas ever

Wm Gavette
Gen’l Hospital 13 Nashville Tenn

Engineer Co. H 1st Rgt Of Michigan

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