Civil War Times

Civil War History

Jones, James Boyd, Jr. “A Tale of Two Cities: The Hidden Battle Against Venereal Disease in Civil War Nashville and Memphis.” Civil War History 31 (September 1985): 270–276.

Tennessee Historical Quarterly

    • Nashville and the U.S. Christian Commission in the Civil War, by Ralph C. Gordon. Summer 1996: pp. 98 – 111.

Researching the National Archives


Civil War resources in the TSLA (nice PDF list)

Tennessee Civil War Bibliography (80+ page PDF)


Tennessee Civil War Sourcebook

This site contains Union, Confederate, and civilian primary documents. Reference excerpts from the John Hill Ferguson diary to read accounts by a Union soldier garrisoned at Fort Negley.

Civil War Nashville Images

The Library of Congress website contains a number of images of Civil War Nashville that may be downloaded for free, including the few known photographs of the Battle of Nashville. After accessing this site, search “Civil War Nashville” to locate the images.

Freedmen Bureau

A large number of slave and free African Americans fled to Nashville during the Union occupation. The Union Army impressed many to build fortifications around the city and some eventually served in United States Colored Troop regiments. The Freedmen Bureau, created by the U.S. government in 1865, documented many of the challenges they faced following the war. After accessing this site, click on “Tennessee” to find accounts related to Davidson County and Nashville.

Slave Narratives

African American accounts of occupied Nashville are rare. During the 1930s, the Works Progress Administration, a Federal New Deal initiative, conducted oral histories of former slaves who experienced the Civil War. This site, hosted by the Library of Congress, publishes these oral histories. After accessing this site, search “Nashville” to find local accounts. Especially look at Patsy Hyde’s account, which mentions Fort Negley, and the account of Ann Matthews.

Valley of the Shadow Project

The Valley of the Shadow project website, hosted by the University of Virginia, contains some letters written by Union soldiers while stationed in Nashville. After accessing this site, enter the “War Years” section and search “Letters and Diaries” using the term “Nashville.” Especially the Henry M. Erisman letters are useful.

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